General Civil Litigation

Two Business Colleagues Sitting Around Boardroom Table Having Informal DiscussionWith a world full of individuals, business and organizations – all with their own interests and motivations – it is inevitable that conflicts will arise. Civil litigation is the legal method of resolving these disputes. When one party believes it has been wronged by another, it can bring a civil suit against the party it believes is responsible. The law allows each party to air its differences in front of a judge or jury, and receive a judgment that determines if compensation is warranted.

The civil litigation attorneys at Decker and Buchanan Law work with clients on both sides of civil suits – plaintiffs and defendants. The attorneys at the firm are experienced in a wide variety of civil litigation cases, including personal injury, business law, breach of contract, defamation, probate, real estate law and more. They have a track record of successful cases, helping their clients win the money they deserve from the party that wronged them.

Decker and Buchanan Law works with clients from all walks of life throughout the Inland Empire. From the startup who has been taken advantage of by a larger business, to the rental property owner who needs to write a lease that will protect him and his assets, the team at Decker and Buchanan Law assists anyone who needs experienced legal guidance through the often complex civil legal system. There is no substitute for sound legal counsel in such situations, and the attorneys at Decker and Buchanan provide that counsel.

The civil litigation attorneys at Decker and Buchanan are always focused on the success of their clients, while doing their best to minimize the expense of legal fees. They always make the attempt to resolve civil disputes in favor of their client as efficiently as possible. Ideally, once the client hires Decker and Buchanan Law, the attorney can negotiate a settlement that guarantees the client the compensation he or she deserves without needing to go to court. But if the other party is not willing to negotiate, or is unwilling to meet the fair terms presented by their attorney, then litigation becomes necessary.

The attorneys at Decker and Buchanan Law are tenacious litigators, and fight hard on behalf of their clients. They will pursue a winning case with all available resources, and they are dedicated to getting the results that their clients deserve.

Decker and Buchanan Law serves clients throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, Murrieta, Temecula and Lake Elsinore. Our firm offers a free initial consultation, where you can discuss your case and learn about your legal options. Please contact us now to schedule your consultation.